Senior Kappa Endowment Fund


•To develop a short and long-range plan for Senior Kappa Affairs (SKA) and to ensure sustainable funding for the SKA programmatic activities.
•To secure Kappa's future by establishing a dedicated endowment for all Brothers to support.


•To establish a SKA committee in every alumni chapter. To make funds available for SKA activities throughout the country.

•To identify and promote SKA activities in all chapters.

•To create a program initiative to raise funds for SKA programs and endowment.

•To provide ongoing leadership to SKA through partnerships with agencies and organizations serving Senior Kappa populations (AARP, Veterans Administration, Department of the Aging).

•Provide mentoring to young brothers through membership assignments.

•Recommend a onetime contribution by all brothers $500.00 (minimum recommended) Larger contributions will be accepted.

•Develop an investment policy for the endowment and use of funds in later years.

•Each new initiate will contribute to the Endowment ( $100.00 Undergraduates & $200.00 Alumni).

•Effective immediately, new intake fee increases passed at the 82nd Grand Chapter: $350 undergraduates & $450 Alumni, respectively. Endowment contributions will be derived from this increase from this population.

•Brothers are encouraged to pay a onetime amount, however, installment payments will be accepted.

•Brothers will receive a newly commissioned replica of the original badge of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.

•Senior Kappa Brothers (60 years and older) will receive a special pin with a bracket chain with 1911 attached. All other contributors will receive the pin only, without the 1911 attachment.  This creates an incentive for participation and makes it special for Senior Brothers.

•The Badge shall be worn in the same manner as all other jewels of Kappa Alpha Psi®.

•A Senior Kappa Endowment wall shall be created at International Headquarters for the names of all Brothers that complete their obligation of $500 or more to the endowment.

•Non Kappas may participate in the program by donating in the name of a Kappa living, deceased or yet unborn.