Early Registration Extended

We are coming off of a record setting and exciting National Founders' Day celebration in Atlanta Georgia. While the weather gave Georgia its first snow day of the year, it did not stop Brothers from making their way through the airline delays, freezing temperatures and the wintry-mix weather to get to the 12th National Founders' Day weekend on Saturday, January 7th, and the Grand Board of Director's Meeting on Friday, January 6th.

During the Grand Board of Director's meeting in Atlanta on that 6th of January, it was conveyed to the attendees that the 'Pre-Registration' period would be extended. The extended pre-registration period for the 83rd Grand Chapter Meeting, now has a deadline of Sunday, January 22, 2017. (Your on-line registration must be completed by 1:00am on the morning of Monday, Jan 23rd, when the system will terminate the pre-registration rates and automatically put in place the 'Regular Registration' rates.)

Please get your registrations in before the deadline time listed above. Grand Polemarch Battles and the Grand Board of Directors are extending this opportunity to maximize our efforts to increase our attendee numbers and give additional time for those who are recovering from the holiday schedules and vacations and need extra time to register. Please feel free to reach out to any of your staff here at IHQ if you have any questions about the extended deadline for the 83rd GCM extended pre-registration period. [ EARLY REGISTRATION ]

Yours in the Bond,

Spencer T. Bruce
Interim Executive Director