Decision 2016

In just 10 days a decision will be made as to who will lead our country for the next four years!  Whether you’re casting a vote for the Office of President (POTUS) to remain filled by a male or to be filled by the first female ever, don’t lose focus of the key issues that are important, and don’t become persuaded by the false news-reporting, antics or rhetoric within the media. In other words, “Don’t Believe the Hype”.

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Election 2016

As we count down the days leading to the 2016 Presidential election, we (collectively) as a body of men should ensure that our voices are heard.  Not only should our voices be heard, but our voices should be heard—Loud and Clear— as we engage our civic duty by exercising our right to vote.   

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New Appointments

There have been some new talents put to work for the Southwestern Province. At the recent, very successful 38th CRWLTC, I stated to those present that there were three (3) committee chairmen positions needing to be filled. I was blessed to be inundated with brothers’ request to be considered for the openings. The following are the committee chairmen chosen:

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Independence Day - 2016

On behalf of the Southwestern Province of Kappa Alpha Psi (KΑΨ) Fraternity, Incorporated, I sincerely extend encouraging wishes to the membership on this Independence Day. Today, we reflect upon the bravery and resolve of a small band of revolutionaries who defied a British empire to declare “that these united colonies are, and of right ought to be free and independent states.”As these United States of America continues to embark upon revolutionary change and thrive in the face of the numerous negative “-isms”, so does Kappa Alpha Psi (KΑΨ) Fraternity, Incorporated as well.

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