Province Updates 7/18/2015

The following updates from Province Polemarch Timothy F. Albert concern the 82nd Grand Chapter Meeting, Credentials and the 37th C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference.

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Happy Father's Day 2015

Today is a very special day for the men in our lives who are our fathers to include our grandfathers, uncles, mentors godfathers, etc., Father’s Day is a time to celebrate fatherhood and responsibility.

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Memorial Day 2015

Greetings Brothers in the Bond:
Memorial Day is a time to take account of the present, reflect on the past, and renew our commitment to the future of America. Americans will gather on lawns and porches, fire up the grill, and enjoy the company of family, friends and neighbors, for this too is a part of a perennial tradition of Memorial Day.

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Graduation '15

May is a time that marks the end of the spring and subsequently ushers in the summer season. More importantly, May is the time in which our undergraduates make the transition from the undergraduate ranks to the ranks of graduate professional school and onto alumni chapters within one of our fraternity’s twelve (12) respective Provinces. Additionally, it is a time when our graduate brothers matriculate and begin their professional careers.

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