Guide Right Challenge

January 17, 2013

To: Southwestern Province Chapter Polemarchs and Guide Right Directors

Subject: SWP Guide Right Challenge


On Saturday April 6, 2013 at the 77th Southwestern Province Council in Gulfport, MS during the Student of the Year Competition, Chapters and Brothers will be recognized for their commitment and service to Guide Right. The Guide Right Challenge for this year is 30 plus hours of Guide Right service for an individual Brother (special recognition will be given to those Brothers over 90 hours) and 20 plus hours by 25% of your Chapter membership for Chapter recognition (special recognition will be given to those chapters with 50% or better). Please utilize the attached forms to submit your Chapter or submit individual Brothers for recognition.

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Undergraduate Membership

October 2, 2012

Any undergraduate brothers who were initiated prior to September 30, 2010 should be reminded that their active membership in the fraternity expired on September 30, 2012, regardless of the fact that the undergraduate brother is still enrolled at the college or university. There is a misconception that because a brother is still enrolled at the college or university he is active with the fraternity.

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Distinguished Men's Leadership Series

September 21, 2012

Grand Polemarch William "Randy" Bates will be speaking at Paul Quinn College in the Cottrell Student Union Building on Ocotober 2, 2012 as part of the 2012 President's Distinguished Men's Leadership series.  The Cottrell Student Union Building is located at 3837 Simpson-Stuart Road on the campus of Paul Quinn College in Dallas, Texas.

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September 6, 2012


In seven days, 500 brothers will meet in Lafayette Louisiana for the 34th C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference at the Lafayette Hilton. The Lafayette Alumni and the Theta Nu Chapter have been working very hard, for the past months to make sure that your stay in the city is enjoyable. The Province leadership team has heard your concerns and has developed an agenda to meet the challenges that you face as leaders of your respective chapters.

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