SWP Life Membership Program

Effective immediately, the Southwestern Province Life Membership Program (SWPLMP) has been re-opened.

Program Fee: $500.00 (Effective March 26, 2009 -through- TBD)***

Fee can be paid in full by making one (1) payment of $500.00 -OR- paid in two (2) installments of $250.00 each for subscribing members. Final/2nd installment MUST be received on or before 1 year after initial payment to ensure plaque, pin, and other credentials can be available for presentation at the upcoming province council or C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference depending on the time of payment.  Failure to pay second installment within one year of initial payment will result in that initial payment being forfeited.

Please direct any and all inquiries to SWP Life Membership Chair, Brother L.V. Liggins ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).


Click here to pay online

Click here to download the Mail in application

 (Adobe Reader required to complete)

***Note: As communicated prior to and at the 73rd Southwestern Province Council (Jackson MS), any subscribing members with ‘old’ balances (existing prior to March, 26, 2009) were required to pay all monies due by the February 15, 2010 ‘final closeout’ deadline to avoid forfeiture of any previously received monies -AND- termination of subscription status.

  • Mississippi Undergraduate
  • Mississippi Alumni
  • MS Life Members

Gamma Pi, Alcorn State University, Lorman April 9, 1949

Gamma Rho, Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, April 16, 1949

Delta Delta, Jackson State University, Jackson, May 6, 1951

Zeta Zeta, Mississippi Valley State University, Itta Bena, November 14, 1970

Eta Upsilon, Mississippi State University, Starkville, January 22, 1974

Kappa Iota, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg October 10, 1980

Nu Eta, Delta State University, Cleveland, January 16, 1988

Omicron Omicron, Millsaps College, April 26, 2002

Jackson Alumni, February 21, 1941

Greenville Alumni, February 14, 1954

Hattiesburg Alumni, October 9, 1960

Meridian Alumni, April 15, 1962

Natchez Alumni, March 22, 1964

Moss Point Alumni, January 1, 1975

Gulfport Alumni, April 10, 1975

Columbus Alumni, June 18, 1983

Vicksburg Alumni, May 30, 1987

Canton/Madison Alumni, December 6, 2002

Cleveland Alumni, March 22,2003


11-387 Sylvester G. Hamilton II Canton-Madison (MS)
07-361 Arnel D. Bolden Canton-Madison (MS)
09-398 Preston Robinson III Canton-Madison (MS)
10-438 Dr. Stanley J. Sims, DC Canton-Madison (MS)
98-146 Herbert L. Lavender Columbus (MS)
99-201 James H. Smith Columbus (MS)
11-446 Albert J. Allen Columbus (MS)
11-389 Kevin Spencer Gamma Pi (MS)
02-293 Carl E. Tapo, Jr. Gamma Pi (MS)
02-294 Marcus L. White Gamma Pi (MS)
96-056 John Brinson Greenville (MS)
06-333 Eddie C. Brown Greenville (MS)
07-366 Leeson Taylor Greenville (MS)
11-459 Willy Cherry Greenville (MS)
97-086 William W. Martin Gulfport (MS)
97-087 Emanuel Killingsworth Gulfport (MS)
97-090 Colonieus C. Williams Gulfport (MS)
97-091 Theodore R. Williams Gulfport (MS)
98-154 Joseph E. Brown Gulfport (MS)
00-205 Ross E. Morrison Gulfport (MS)
01-223 Ryan S. Gilner Gulfport (MS)
01-255 Dennis Stevenson Gulfport (MS)
02-303 Michael R. Bowser Gulfport (MS)
05-312 Anthony C. Mitchell Gulfport (MS)
06-328 Dennis R. Caldwell Gulfport (MS)
11-454 Rudolph L. Parson Gulfport (MS)
98-151 Harper Wilson Hattiesburg (MS)
98-160 Ebay Hampton Hattiesburg (MS)
00-213 Roscoe S. Pickett Hattiesburg (MS)
00-215 C. Jerome Brown Hattiesburg (MS)
01-225 Gordon S. Williams Hattiesburg (MS)
01-236 Eugene Smith, Jr. Hattiesburg (MS)
01-247 Norris C. Clark Hattiesburg (MS)
01-250 Michael S. Pigford Hattiesburg (MS)
10-428 Charles Paige Hattiesburg (MS)
03-308 Jermaine Brown Hattiesburg (MS)
97-096 Juan Gordon Jackson (MS)
97-106 Charles H. Beady, Jr. Jackson (MS)
00-209 Michael A. Yant Jackson (MS)
00-211 Henry Young III Jackson (MS)
01-230 Reginald D. Rigsby Jackson (MS)
02-296 Zachery S. Williams Jackson (MS)
02-304 Michael Howard Jackson (MS)
05-316 James A. Reed Jackson (MS)
05-322 Mark Colomb Jackson (MS)
05-323 Thaddeus C. Roberts Jackson (MS)
05-326 Jeffrey Mumford Jackson (MS)
07-357 Thaddeus C. Roberts, Jr. Jackson (MS)
07-370 Joseph E. Godine Meridian (MS)
12-465 Billy G. King Meridian (MS)
96-024 Darryl V. Grennell Natchez (MS)
01-249 Derrick R. White Natchez (MS)
02-295 Terry W. White Natchez (MS)
06-346 Anthony A. Heideberg Natchez (MS)
12-472 Kenneth Tillage Natchez (MS)
01-252 Eric L. Fox Vicksburg (MS)
05-320 Chris Lunderman Vicksburg (MS)
09-414 Casey Fisher Vicksburg (MS)
11-445 Ben A. Blue, Jr. Vicksburg (MS)