SWP Life Membership Program

Effective immediately, the Southwestern Province Life Membership Program (SWPLMP) has been re-opened.

Program Fee: $500.00 (Effective March 26, 2009 -through- TBD)***

Fee can be paid in full by making one (1) payment of $500.00 -OR- paid in two (2) installments of $250.00 each for subscribing members. Final/2nd installment MUST be received on or before 1 year after initial payment to ensure plaque, pin, and other credentials can be available for presentation at the upcoming province council or C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference depending on the time of payment.  Failure to pay second installment within one year of initial payment will result in that initial payment being forfeited.

Please direct any and all inquiries to SWP Life Membership Chair, Brother L.V. Liggins ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).


Click here to pay online

Click here to download the Mail in application

 (Adobe Reader required to complete)

***Note: As communicated prior to and at the 73rd Southwestern Province Council (Jackson MS), any subscribing members with ‘old’ balances (existing prior to March, 26, 2009) were required to pay all monies due by the February 15, 2010 ‘final closeout’ deadline to avoid forfeiture of any previously received monies -AND- termination of subscription status.

  • New Mexico Undergraduate
  • New Mexico Alumni
  • NM Life Members

Theta Omega, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces September 18, 1977

Albuquerque Alumni, July 27, 1985


05-315 Kenneth A. Lee El Paso-Las Cruces (NM)
06-342 David   Edmonds El Paso-Las Cruces (NM)
07-373 Eric S. Benn El Paso-Las Cruces (NM)
07-375 Gregory D. Davis El Paso-Las Cruces (NM)
09-399 James L. Hill El Paso-Las Cruces (NM)
11-460 Rickey   Taylor El Paso/Las Cruces (NM)
12-394 Eric   Winfield El Paso/Las Cruces (NM)
12-395 Artie C. Maxwell El Paso-Las Cruces (NM)
95-022 Cephus S. Rhodes El Paso-Las Cruces (NM)
95-023 Bennie D. Cooley El Paso-Las Cruces (NM)
96-046 Alfred   Fielder El Paso/Las Cruces (NM)
96-055 John A. Matthews El Paso-Las Cruces (NM)
96-075 James B. Crumady El Paso-Las Cruces (NM)
98-132 Isaiah L. Scott El Paso-Las Cruces (NM)
98-137 Barry   McClure El Paso-Las Cruces (NM)
98-144 Ronald   Booker El Paso-Las Cruces (NM)
98-159 Herman P. Bailey El Paso-Las Cruces (NM)
98-170 Charles M. Taylor, Jr. El Paso-Las Cruces (NM)
98-173 Robert C. Mack El Paso-Las Cruces (NM)
99-188 Thomas D. Carter, Jr. El Paso-Las Cruces (NM)